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Hydrogen Storage – A Key Solution For Renewables

Pure Energy Centre visits Energy Minister at the Scottish Parliament

United Kingdom., Dec. 17, 2012 – Pure Energy Centre


Hydrogen Storage - Energy Minister Fergus Ewing and Elizabeth Johnson from Pure Energy Centre

The Pure Energy® Centre, the UK pure® fuel, renewable energy and energy storage company is pleased to announce the confirmation of the Energy Minister to the launch of the 10thHypothesis conference and exhibition, that will be held in Edinburgh on the 11 and 12 June 2013, demonstrating the Government’s strong support to hydrogen storage technologies. 

Fergus Ewing MSP and Scottish Government Minister for Energy, Enterprise & Tourism welcomed Elizabeth Johnson of the Pure Energy Centre for an official one to one meeting.

On the agenda were discussions on the 10thHypothesis hydrogen and fuel cell conference, as well as Scotland’s renewable energy opportunities, energy storage technologies, and how both of these can be used to produce green fuel for the transport sector.

The Energy Minister has accepted the invitation from the Pure Energy Centre to speak at the opening session of Hypothesis, one of the world’s leading Hydrogen and Fuel Cell conferences, which will be held in Edinburgh on the 11th and 12th June 2013. Elizabeth Johnson, Business Development Manager of the Pure Energy Centre, in her discussions with Mr Ewing, described the aims of the conference and highlighted her delight at the Scottish Government’s support of the event.

Hydrogen storage and Hypothesis conference

The Minister congratulated the Pure Energy Centre for bringing this prestigious conference to Scotland and confirmed there would be strong support at all levels to ensure the event is of a world class standard. The Minister agreed that the time was right for the conference to be held in Scotland in light of both Scotland’s expertise in hydrogen and fuel cells and a growing awareness of the role energy storage could play in achieving Scotland’s energy and low carbon ambitions.

The Scottish Government’s low carbon vision includes a target to meet the equivalent of 100% of Scotland’s electricity demand from renewable sources by 2020. This will lead to a requirement for new energy solutions to control and manage the uptake of renewables, and presents Scottish companies with new opportunities and challenges.

The best opportunity will be for organisations to find solutions to keep the grid network stable. The Pure Energy Centre discussed their energy storage technologies offerings with the Energy Minister. The discussions also covered how the Pure Energy Centre felt that Scottish based businesses could support the deployment of energy storage technologies.

Elizabeth Johnson from Pure Energy Centre said: “There are many energy storage technologies out there, but we feel that hydrogen energy storage is one that is most suitable for at this timeframe in Scotland. We have discussed with the Minister our hydrogen products and services including our hydrogen supply chain consisting of hydrogen energy storage, hydrogen compressor, hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen dispensing facilities and in particular our hydrogen transport solution.”

“We felt that the Minister was highly receptive to all of the concepts and discussions and he was enthused about the technologies available in Scotland. It is clear to us that this Scottish Government understands that we will need energy storage technologies and has welcomed the fact that Scotland will host the Hypothesis conference in its 10th anniversary.” said Elizabeth Johnson.

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