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Hydrogen Office – First Scottish Wind Hydrogen Powered Office

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The Pure Energy® Centre, the UK leader in renewable hydrogen and energy storage systems, announce that  it has been awarded a contract to supply The First Scottish Wind and Hydrogen Powered Building, the Hydrogen Office. This is a cutting edge project show casing the role that energy efficiency, renewables and hydrogen can play in increasing energy security and reducing the adverse effect our buildings have on climate change. Elizabeth Johnson, Business Development Manage Pure Energy® Centre, said “We are very pleased to have been awarded the contract for this unique hydrogen project. Our company specialises in providing our customers with innovative & new energy technology solutions and this is exactly what this project is all about”.


Hydrogen Office Storage System Installed by Pure Energy Centre

What is the Hydrogen Office Project?

The project is in its implementation phase and is being built in Methil (Fife). It is intended to support the regeneration of the area by raising its profile, and attracting inward investment. Derek Mitchell, Project Manager of the Hydrogen Office, said “This project is intended to serve as a high profile demonstration project of renewables and state of the art hydrogen technologies. We are working hard to develop an iconic renewable energy system, that will stand out amongst the other UK & European renewable projects. We believe that the combination of the technologies being used here will be the first step into developing highly efficient buildings of the future.”

The Hydrogen Office is divided in three main parts. The first part of the project is the renewable electrical energy source provided by a wind turbine to supply electricity directly to the building during periods of availability.  It is expected that the wind turbine will be able to supply all the energy needs of the building for 70-80% of the year.

A renewable heating source provided by a geothermal source heat pump to supply all space heating to the building. This pump has been designed to also provide cooling capability over the summer months, thereby reducing the dependence upon high electrical requirement for air conditioning systems.

The third part of the system consists of a hydrogen production, storage and fuel cell system, which the Pure Energy® Centre will supply to the Hydrogen Office. The hydrogen production system will be used to store energy when there is an excess of electrical power being produced from the wind turbine. At times where there is a lack of wind generation, a fuel cell configured as a back up will switch on and provide electrical demand to the building and demonstration centre.

Derek Mitchell said “These types of projects are important if Scotland and the UK want to keep providing state of the art solutions to tackle Global Warming on a Global outreach.” He also said “The Hydrogen Office will comprise a three storey 1200sqm flexible office building, which we hope will provide enough office space to serve as a green business incubator and will also house the Hydrogen Office Demonstration Centre (H2OfficeDeC). The primary aim of the Hydrogen Office Ltd will be to support the development of the emerging renewable hydrogen and fuel cell industries.”

Elizabeth Johnson from Pure Energy® Centre added, “All of our equipment has been specifically designed and developed for this project. We are pleased to have again been able to display our adaptability, innovation capabilities, and futuristic vision shared with a visionary customer. We look forward to the final delivery of the complete system and to showcase to the World that Climate Change can be addressed with current technology.”

About the Pure Energy Centre:

The Pure Energy® Centre (PEC), the UK leader in renewable hydrogen systems, provides you with independent technical & consultancy services to the private & public sector as well as community projects, in Europe & Internationally. We are committed to working with you in the development and deployment of simple yet highly efficient energy technologies. At PEC we deliver proven, guaranteed, independent energy solutions for your project across the environmental & energy spectrum including:

Hydrogen and fuel cells technologies


About the Hydrogen Office

The Hydrogen Office project will demonstrate the role that energy efficiency, renewables and hydrogen can play in reducing the future impact of climate change and energy security of supply concerns. The project will demonstrate and promote the potential of storing surplus renewable energy as hydrogen, for a range of on-demand applications that require reliable, quiet, and very clean energy sources.

The project will raise the profile of renewable, hydrogen and fuel cell technology by storing surplus renewable energy for times where renewable energy may not be available (i.e. insufficient renewable energy supply or peak demand), or for an application for which renewable energy may not be suitable (i.e. transport or uninterruptible power supply). The Hydrogen Office Demonstration Centre offers many benefits for Scotland.

Commercially the Hydrogen Office project will:

  • Help to attract investment, and boost the development of green jobs for Scotland in a global market that is estimated to be worth $46 billion by 2011.
  • Improve the future security of our energy supply by working to accelerate the development of technologies that can help reduce dependence on imported oil and gas from countries like Iran, Iraq and Russia.

Environmentally the Hydrogen Office Project will:

Work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting cost effective energy saving measures, and supporting the development and adoption of cleaner and more efficient technologies.