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Hydrogen Boiler – Pure Energy Centre Product Launch

Launch Of The Greenest Hydrogen Boiler In The World

United Kingdom., June 2012 – Pure Energy Centre

Hydrogen Boiler
Hydrogen Boiler – From left to right: Elizabeth Johnson, of Pure Energy® Centre; Fergus Ewing, MSP, Energy Minister

The Pure Energy® Centre is pleased to announce the launch and display of a new type of Hydrogen Boiler in the UK at the All Energy Conference on the 23rd and 24thMay 2012. The Hydrogen Boiler will be installed this summer at the Fife Innovation Centre, Methil, Fife. It will be the first boiler of its type to be established for heating a building from renewable hydrogen (H2). The renewable hydrogen will be produced at the H2Office site. The Boiler will demonstrate how excess energy from renewable sources can be stored as hydrogen fuel and then used to heat Scottish houses and buildings. The Pure Hydrogen® fed boiler has been displayed at the All Energy on the Invest in Fife stand.”

What is a hydrogen boiler?

Pure Energy® Centre Senior Engineer, Mr. Vincenzo Ortisi said that “the Hydrogen Boiler is a condensing gas boiler fuelled by Pure Hydrogen®. Like any other natural gas boiler, this device is designed for radiant heating such as under-floor and space heating.”

The combustion inside the Boiler is achieved without a flame and no dangerous emissions thanks to special catalysts that operate at low temperatures. In fact, there are no carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions as both the reaction and the fuel are carbon free.

What are the emissions of the hydrogen boiler?

The only by-product of the HBoiler is water; in vapor and liquid forms. The recovery of the waste heat present in the exhaust of the boiler is used to pre-heat the cold water entering the boiler. This maximizes the efficiency of the system (typically greater than 90%).

Elizabeth Johnson said: “The Pure Energy® Centre have produced a pioneering hydrogen complete offering solution designed to provide Scottish housing associations, communities, building owners and others with a means to supply heat from renewable sources to any construction. This innovative Hydrogen complete solution integrated with the hydrogen boiler will provide a much needed heating solution to Scotland. It will support the Scottish Government’s aim to reduce heating related emissions, which currently account to about 40% of the country’s emissions. By using the Pure Energy® Centre Hydrogen offering including a hydrogen Boiler, Scotland will be able to increase its fuel energy security and independence through storing the enormous renewable energy potential as hydrogen fuel.”

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