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Eoltec 6kW wind turbine maintenance and spare parts

NOTE: Weole Energie is no longer trading and therefore the below package is not on offer anymore

Wind turbine maintenance package for the current maintenance package

Here is how to access to Eoltec 6kW wind turbine maintenance and spare parts

United Kingdom., July 2012 – Pure Energy Centre

Eoltec, a subsidiary of Weole Energy Group – and the Pure Energy® Centre announce the appointment of the Pure Energy Centre as the exclusive UK and Ireland dealer for the Eoltec 6kW wind turbine.

According to MCS certification results, the Eoltec 6kW wind turbine is the most productive wind turbine in its class with production levels of more than 9,800 kWh a year.

In fact, the Eoltec has shown production levels of more than 20,000 kWh a year in many Northern locations.

Eoltec 6kW Wind Turbine
Eoltec 6kW Wind Turbine as installed in the field

Eoltec and the Pure Energy® Centre are delighted to have now set up a process whereby past Eoltec wind turbines customers can obtain maintenance services as follows:

Your Eoltec 6kW wind Turbine is under warranty

If you are an Eoltec wind turbine owner and your Eoltec turbine is still under warranty, then contact your initial installer and/or the manufacturer directly.

Your Eoltec 6kW Wind Turbine is not under warranty

If you are an Eoltec wind turbine owner and your Eoltec turbine is not under warranty, then contact Pure Energy Centre with the following information:

  1. Date of installation.
  2. Your requirements:
    1. Maintenance.
    2. Spare parts.
    3. Other.

If your Eoltec wind turbine is not under warranty, then there will be costs for parts and labour.

Our Eoltec 6 Wind Turbine Commitment

We are committed to providing you with access to the latest Eoltec Scirocco wind turbine developments.

Please note that for previous Eoltec customers, Eoltec proposes improvement kits to upgrade previous versions of Sciroccos towards the last MCS approved version with higher quality and performance.

Please note that there are costs associated with the upgrade of the Eoltec Turbine.

Contact us for more information at +44 1957 711 410 or fill in the form by clicking here.