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Do You Own Photovoltaic Solar Survey

** This report was produced as part of a pan European project called Smallest, awarded by the Northern Periphery Programme.

Do Your Own Solar Photovoltaic Survey

Batterie EU Atlantic Area Project

The below downloads summarises a set of reports that have been produced during the Batterie European Atlantic Area supported project. The aim and purpose of Batterie is to improve the cooperation and links between various transport services within the Atlantic Area region and to promote the application of smart technologies and usage of alternative fuels.

R1: Alternative Fuels For A Sustainable Transport Industry

Case Studies

Energy Analysis Report

Wind To Hydrogen Fuelled Ferry

“The Hydrogen Office”

Renewable Energy Croft

H2Seed Project: Household Waste To Green Transport

Promoting Unst Renewable Energy (PURE) Project

E-Harbours EU NSR Project

The below downloads summarises a set of reports that have been produced during the eharbours European North Sea Region supported project. The aim of eharbours is to stimulating renewable energy for power and transport by optimizing energy usage and production, thereby reducing emissions. The e-harbours project has been endorsed by the European Commission’s Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign as an Official Partner.

Case Study – The Scalloway Harbour

Innovative Green Technologies For A Sustainable Harbour

How To Apply Green Technologies In A Harbour Set Up

Proposed Method For Selecting Green Technologies

Hydrogen Decision Making Flowchart

Wind Energy Decision Making Flowchart

Photovoltaics Decision Making Flowchart

Wind Turbine Heating Decision Making Flowchart

Solar Heating Decision Making Flowchart

Air Source heat Pump Decision Making Flowchart

Ground Source heat Pump Decision Making Flowchart

Waste To Biogas Decision Making Flowchart

Biomass Decision Making Flowchart

How Much Money Can You Make From Solar

Analysis: Data Monitoring Strategy

Analysis: Data Monitoring Equipment

Analysis: Data From Installed Datalogger