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About Pure Energy Hydrogen

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Pure Energy Hydrogen (PEH) is a manufacturer of small, medium and large scale renewable energy systems.

PEH’s focal point is on the development and deployment of projects centered on electrolysers, storage, compressors, and complex hydrogen refuelling stations operating at 350 and 700 bar.

PEH is MCS certified to develop renewable projects and has installed over 100 wind turbines and a large number of solar systems in Shetland and beyond. PEH is an expert company when it comes to producing green hydrogen from renewables and was the first entity in the world to have installed an off-grid wind to hydrogen system owned by a community.

Currently, Pure Energy Hydrogen is involved in the €9 million NWE GenComm hydrogen project, €2.5 million Hylantic AA hydrogen project, a €2.5 million Handiheat NPA project, and the NPA Handiheat 2.5 million project.

In the last 13 years, PEH has supplied electrolysers from 0.5 Nm3/h to 200 Nm3/h. It has supplied oxygen generators, oxygen compressors, oxygen storage solutions and oxygen bottle charging systems. PEH has also supplied nitrogen generators, N2 compressors, and N2 storage systems.

Pure Energy Hydrogen has developed several worlds-leading Training courses in renewable, fuel cell and hydrogen technologies and the company provide consultancy services in renewable, hydrogen technologies, oxygen, and nitrogen.

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